Our Values

Trust and Confidence Built on Integrity

When an individual's genuine values are consistently expressed in attitude, words, and behavior, so that there is consistency between the parts of that individual's life, and when that consistency has moral character, that individual is believed to be a person of integrity. To the extent the individual's values are publically known, and to the extent his or her behavior is consistent with those values, the individual's attitudes and actions are predictable and trustworthy. Thus, integrity is the foundation on which trust (confidence) is built and out of which it grows. Without integrity, then, one cannot expect others to extend the gift of trust.

Core Value: To honor God by honoring men, who are made in God’s image. 1

How will we do this? By committing ourselves to the following core values in all of our interactions with individuals into whose live we have been granted special access as partners in their pursuit of the joys of retirement free from financial worry:

  1. Equal Respect: We will honor you by treating you with the same respect as is given to other men without regard for differences in socio-economic class, race, ethnic origin or gender; we will not be “respecters of men”.
  2. Truth-Telling: We will honor you by telling you the truth; we will not lie to you or for you, nor will we attempt to mislead you, fabricate, manipulate or equivocate in order to win your business or to keep your business.
  3. Trust-Worthiness: We will honor you by earning your trust; by doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it and doing so with the same energy and professionalism it took to win you as our client; we will not knowingly fail you or dishonor your trust once received.
  4. Fiduciary: We will honor you by recommending in every case only that which we sincerely believe to be in your best interest whether or not it is in our best interest. This includes the actions and financial instruments we recommend, the companies we use, the strategies we employ and the plans we create; we will not be remuneration driven in the recommendations we make.
  5. Stewardship: We will honor you as owner of all you entrust to us by acting as stewards of your trust and of your assets; we will not steal from you, defraud you or otherwise treat your assets as our own to do with as we wish.
  6. Full-Disclosure: We will honor you by communicating ahead of time all fees and charges to be borne by you if you implement any action with us, the positive and negative characteristics of any financial tool or action we recommend, the potential risk and any conflict of interest inherent in any recommendation we make; we will not expect you to do business with us until you understand the cost, the risk, the implications and the potential conflicts-of-interest in taking any action we recommend.
  7. Professionalism: We will honor you by constantly developing our professional knowledge, skill and abilities to advise you as you navigate the developmental pressure-points you will face on the journey from novice retiree to final home going; we will not advise you in disciplines for which we are ill equipped or unprepared (or unlicensed where applicable).
  8. Remembrance: We will honor you by remembering that, by invitation into the inner sanctuary of your financial life, we have been granted an honored place; a place which carries with it the twin gifts of privilege and responsibility; we will not forget that the privileges you grant to us are earned by sincere and full satisfaction of our responsibilities to you.
  9. Gratitude: We will honor you by responding with joyful gratitude to every contact with you, and with the manifest awareness that you are why we do what we do; we will not treat you as an intrusion on our time when we have contact with you nor will we treat you as an adversary, but as a friend.
  10. Value: We will honor you in every interaction with you by expending our best efforts to deliver value to you, apart from the value you will receive from the services and products which make money for us.

    1Core Value Definition: A principle that guides an organization’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.