Tax Services

Provided by Tax Advisers USA, LLC

Minimizing income taxes requires constant education in and monitoring of a steady stream of legislative changes. Our tax services are conducted by experienced tax professionals; and cutting-edge online tax research and reports keep us abreast of the latest in tax legislation.

At Tax Advisers USA, LLC, we are with you during every step during the tax planning and implementation process. We pride ourselves in planning and implementing legal tax strategies designed to minimize income taxes.

Once the tax return is completed, we provide our clients with detailed reports that show the results of the plans we put in place. Additionally, Tax Advisers USA, LLC promises to stand with you to represent your best interest in the event of an examination by taxing authorities.

Our tax services include:
  • Tax Planning: In collaboration with our affiliate company, Turner Financial Group, Inc. we provide business and personal Income tax strategy formulation and implementation. We help you design a dynamic tax plan using pre-emptive tax-saving strategies, and then help you implement that plan so you actually realize the planned-for savings.

  • Tax Coaching: In collaboration with our affiliate company, Turner Financial Group, Inc. we provide business and personal tax consulting throughout the tax year, not just for the period known as the “tax season”. This keeps your plan up-to-date based on legislative changes and IRS rulings as they happen.

  • Tax Preparation: Business and personal income tax preparation using information gleaned from the ongoing proactive processes outlined above.

  • Integrated Tax and Business Services

    Provided by Tax Advisers USA, LLC

    Our mission is to provide you with first-class service, tools and information necessary to achieve your goals. We carefully evaluate your complete financial picture to provide you with innovative solutions that will positively impact your business, employees and family. As an independent specialized boutique, our clients benefit from personalized, quality service that is the envy of our competition. Give us a try; you’ll like us.

    Get Innovative Solutions

    As a great small business owner, you have to focus on what you do best. That means freedom from distractions; your productivity and peace of mind depend on it. As your strategic partner, we focus on saving you time and money by providing innovative solutions, which leaves you free to focus on generating revenue and growing your business. And that’s good for you. if you want innovative solutions, we can help.

    Enjoy Comprehensive Options

    With Tax Advisers USA, you have options. We provide a full range of business and tax services to small and medium-sized businesses. If you want essential, accurate financial information at your fingertips at all times, we can help.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Individual and Business Tax Returns

    • Tax Planning

    • Tax Coaching

    • Management Consulting Services