Financial Planning Services

Provided by Turner Financial Group, Inc.


Like an architect custom designing a home, we can work with you to develop a unique and objective "investment plan" for investing in your life. In this process we work hard to understand what your life looks like, what your expectations are, your ability to tolerate risk, your cash needs and time horizon, and your personal preferences. We also consider pertinent financial legislation, regulations, and tax consequences. Our process includes full disclosure of all the known benefits, risks, costs, and other pertinent information you need to make sound decisions. Once we present you with a suggested plan we help you tailor it into a finished plan that fits your specific needs.We want financial planning to be as painless as possible so you will take the actions necessary to secure your financial future. Therefore, your first consultation is generally free.

Proposal and Engagement

If we mutually decide to move ahead from the initial appointment, a second consultation (also generally free) is scheduled. For the second meeting, we will prepare a written proposal outlining the planning projects we believe would be of value to you, and the fees we propose to charge for completing those projects, which will be tailored to you and to your specific situation. Fees charged will be individualized and based on the specific projects you engage us to complete. For more on fees, see the Turner Financial Group, Inc. ADV Part II and Schedule F.

ADV and Schedule F
Planning Projects

We offer financial planning services on a comprehensive or a la carte (limited focus or project) basis. Financial planning encompasses some or all of the following areas of potential financial concern:

  1. Investment Advisory Services (Securities). We will analyze your current financial situation and provide a written report of recommendations including model portfolios with an asset allocation tailored to your financial objectives and investor risk profile. Your portfolios may include mutual funds, exchange traded funds, unit investment trusts, individual stocks and bonds, fixed or variable annuities, or separate money managers.

  2. Incapacity and Asset Distribution. We will analyze your wills and other estate planning documents and arrangements, and make recommendations designed to minimize tax consequences and maximize efficient disposition of your estate within the constraints of your financial plans and goals.

  3. Risk Management. We will analyze the current level of your exposure to risk and devise a comprehensive risk-management plan designed to transfer as much of that risk to other individuals or institutions as possible. We will then coordinate the purchase of insurance policies whose purpose it is to transfer risk away from your personal net worth and onto the accepting insurance companies. Thus, lost income and wealth can be replaced, liquidity can be created, principal can be protected, and potential financial disaster can be averted.

  4. Spending Plan to Age 90. We prepare balance sheets showing your current assets, liabilities, and net worth with a 12 month cash flow statement that reflects your income, living expenses and discretionary dollars. We extend that analysis to address the possibility that you might live to be 90 years old, and prepare a projected spending plan to potentially get you there.

  5. Retirement Planning. We coordinate the many aspects of financial planning to assist you in meeting growth and income needs to adequately finance your retirement. We make recommendations on establishing retirement accounts consistent with your goals.

  6. Tax Planning and Coaching. We will consider the general tax consequences of your current financial plan; then design a plan to minimize taxation at every level of your financial life. We then help you implement and maintain that plan on an ongoing basis.

  7. Trust Funding and Asset Transfers. We will analyze your beneficiary and trust funding needs, map funding requirements based on type of account and intended beneficiary, and prepare trust funding documents to appropriately transfer ownership of assets to your trust or name individuals as beneficiaries as appropriate.

  8. Business Buy-Sell Agreements Funding: Partners, members or shareholders in a business enterprise often need protection from the loss of a key member or owner in a business. This strategy is employed both to replace the key shareholders’ duties in the business, as well as purchase his or her equity in the business.

  9. Education Planning. Because each family is different, we will work closely with you to determine the solution that best fits your budget and objectives. We will help you choose from a variety of strategies, including Internal Revenue Code Section 529 Plan, Coverdell Education Savings Account, Uniform Gifts to Minors (UGMA), after-tax savings and investments, and Student loans.

Periodic On-Going Planning Services

We believe financial planning is an ongoing series of decisions based on interaction between you and your advisers; it is not a single event. Should you choose us to implement your plan, periodic review and modification will be necessary in order to keep the plan in sync with the ever changing landscape of your life. Annual Periodic Planning is strongly recommended as a minimum.

For a complete discussion of our fees, see the Turner Financial Group, Inc. ADV Part II and Schedule F.